Pastor Tim & Jennifer Goss

Psalm 37:23  The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his way.

Tim and Jen were high school sweethearts.  They were married in December of 1995 in Clearfield, PA.  They were blessed with 3 children while living in PA:  Austin, Kathleen and Megan.

When Tim was 28 years old, he worked in a cabinet factory, attended church but never really engaged.  He chaperoned the youth group one night to an event called “Acquire the Fire”.  Tim responded to the altar call that was given to ask God to open doors.  God did start opening doors for Tim to sing Christian County music in churches all around the area.  He was asked to lead a teen class and became the worship leader for his local church he attended. Jennifer stayed home with the kids and traveled around to churches with him running the sound.  During this time, Tim recorded 4 Christian Country music albums with his family that lived in TN.

The Lord started calling the Goss family to move to TN.  Everywhere they went someone preached on the rich young ruler.  One morning as Tim was heading to work, his mom called and said the Lord had given her a scripture for him.  It was Luke 12:15 Then He said, “Beware!  Guard against every kind of greed.  Life is not measured by how much you own.”  Hearing this Tim knew he needed to move to TN.  This did not make sense in the natural.  The Lord always knows best so after talking with Jen and making the decision, he called one person and the house was sold.

The family moved to TN in June of 2006 with no job and thinking they were going into music ministry full time.  Upon arrival, Tim was offered a job in Jefferson City working in a woodworking manufacturing facility.

Tim was invited to sing at a radio station in Rogersville.   After watching fellow artist get up before him and arrogantly say he was not a contemporary singer, southern gospel singer or anything other than a country and Christian country singer, the Lord spoke to Tim in that moment and said, “That is you”!  From that moment on Tim told God he would sing anything that God asked him to.  He was asked to lead worship for the church he was attending at the time.  He led worship there for 3 years.  Jennifer ran PowerPoint and helped with sound.

The Goss’ helped a friend and his wife start a church in Greeneville.  They grew and learned many things about church planting.  They also had a 4th child, Will Connor Goss, born in January of 2009.

Three years later, Tim led worship at the church they were previously attending.  Tim and Jen remained there for the next 4 years.  During that time, Tim started his own business, buying and selling large woodworking equipment.  While he was running his business, the Lord impressed upon him to start studying for the ministry.  Tim felt called to be a pastor from the age of 14 but thought he had messed up the perfect plan of God.

Jen during this time helped with decorating, PowerPoint and sound.  She served as youth leader, event coordinator, Women’s Bible Study leader and was on the prayer team.

Tim completed his studies and started looking for a place to pastor a church.  They always liked Colorado and enjoy the great outdoors (skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, etc.).  Tim has always enjoyed western culture. When he moved to PA at age 18, he came wearing a Cowboy hat, boots, and big ole truck.  He has never lost that.

The Holy Spirit impressed upon Tim to send the Presbyter in CO some CD’s and his resume.  The Presbyter had enjoyed Tim’s music and asked if Tim would come sing at his Cowboy Church in Durango, CO.  The Goss family went to Durango.  They were asked if they would come help them in their church as a assistant pastor.  After much prayer the Goss’ felt like this was the right thing to do.  They put their house and business up for sale and informed their current church that they would be moving to Colorado.  After a few months nothing was selling, and they could not go without selling first.  As Tim was praying the Lord told him to start something here and now in TN.  Tim and Jen began to pray for clarity.

Tim was passing a church at the crossroads in South Greene and he felt impressed to call about it.  He got a hold of the man who oversaw it, and they went and met with him.  He was all for them starting a Cowboy Church in the building because no one was meeting there.  The Goss’ started the process but then all of the sudden all doors shut for the church at the crossroads.

Jen felt led to start in the barn in the Goss’ backyard.  They had their first service in October of 2016.  God has truly blessed everything they have put their hands to!


Tim is the founder of, pastor, and current worship team leader at Crossroads Cowboy Church.  He and Jen have been married since 1995 and have four children:  Austin, Kathleen, Megan, and Will.

Jennifer wears many hats at Crossroads, including leading the Women’s Ministry.

Austin got married to Sam in November 2017 and they just had a baby girl in 2021.

Kathleen is an RN in Greeneville and Megan is a Mail Carrier for Greeneville PO.  Will is going to school in the new Co-Op the church just started.

All the kids serve and work in the church.  God is Good!

AGES 13-19

Austin & Samantha Goss


Pathfinders 4-8 Year Olds 


Neta Gross

Trailblazers 8 – 12 Year Olds 


Sandy Wingo

Board Members

Sandy Wingo - Secretary
Lee Cutshaw - Treasurer
Larry Burnham - Board Member
Steve Valys - Board Member
Matt Mancil - Board Member